Come work at the 2019 Canadian Grand Prix!

Important: As the application period ends on April 14th at 4 pm and the majority of our groups are complete, please note that your application will still be submitted and evaluated and, if selected, will be placed on a reserve list . If required by one of our groups, we will contact you if your application meets the selection criteria of the group.

                       The Automobile Club thanks you for your interest in our organization and wishes you a very exciting motor sport season!

To come work at the next Canadian Grand Prix, apply by email to the following address: . Enter name and first name as well as the field you are interested in, and briefly explaining your experiences.

Your application will be submitted to the organization, and if accepted, you will receive an email with a PDF form to complete. You must then return the duly completed form and attach the registration fee.

To submit your application, please contact us at, or for any problem with your registration.

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