The Canadian Grand Prix still scheduled for June 14 ... for now / march 24, 2020

The Canadian Grand Prix still scheduled for June 14 ... for now

It is still possible that the Canadian Grand Prix will be contested on June 14, but the deadlines are fast approaching for the organizers.


Event promoter François Dumontier said Tuesday that preparations are continuing, but a final decision will be made between mid-April and May 1.

"Ticket sales continue, but we are lucid," said Dumontier. The situation is changing from hour to hour. The installation of our facilities takes a little over a month, which still leaves us time to make a decision. Several of our suppliers are, however, currently shutdown and we will have to see if they can resume their activities by the end of April. "

Already, the first eight events of the 2020 F1 World Championship have been canceled or postponed, the organizers of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, the event scheduled the week before that of Canada, having announced on Monday.

"In their case, the announcement came more quickly, because the Baku circuit is laid out in the city streets and because the setup of the installations requires more time. We have more room for maneuver. "

Dumontier nevertheless acknowledged that the probabilities were high for the Grand Prix to be postponed. "We are in constant discussions with the two levels of government, the city, Tourisme-Montréal, as well as those responsible for F1 and other Grands Prix. Several factors must be considered, here in Quebec, but also around the world. The question of borders is obviously decisive, the possibility of traveling from one country to another as well.

"For the moment, there are two possibilities: either the Grand Prix is going as planned on June 14 in good conditions for spectators and participants, or it is postponed later in 2020. We do not envisage the cancellation, unless the entire season is canceled. "

F1 officials said Monday they hope to start a reduced championship and Dumontier said the Canadian Grand Prix is ​​one of the scheduled events.

"The schedule would be completely turned upside down, but Canada would be there. We can't do that in November, but the different scenarios put us somewhere between the end of summer and fall. "


An extended season


F1 boss, Chase Carey, still hopes the season can kick off this summer, with a revised schedule of between 15 and 18 races. In a statement released Monday, Carey recalled a number of measures adopted last week in agreement with the FIA ​​and the ten teams entered in the F1 World Championship.

By moving the usual summer break from August to the current period, extending the season beyond the scheduled date (November 29) and combining the events differently, over several consecutive weekends, the leaders of F1 hope to present a significant season.

"It is not possible at the moment to provide a more precise timetable due to the constantly evolving situation, but we will gradually learn more about the situation in each of the Grand Prix host countries, as well as on opportunities to travel there over the next few months, "said Carey.

"We are planning and determined to get back on track as soon as possible to start the 2020 season. Until then, we will continue to consult with authorities and health experts, our first priority always being the safety and health of fans, the communities we visit and all members of the F1 family. "


Source: La Presse

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