New ACIND President / april 16, 2020

New ACIND President


Dear ACIND members


When the presidency of ACIND was offered to me, I gave it a lot of thoughts before accepting. This position comes with many challenges and several compromises, one of which is I having to give up leading my Pitlane team.


For those of you who do not know me yet, I have been a member of ACIND since 2001 as part of the F1 Paddock Security team. Over the years, my role has evolved and in 2014, I became team lead for the Pitlane Security and Logistics team. I have always had a great work relationship with the different ACIND teams, as well as with FIA, F1 management and the Octane Racing Group, which of course will remain a priority.


For me this year will be one of learning and adaptation. My priority is to better understand the roles and duties of your teams in order to be in a position to support you and to help us structure to better manage the tasks needed to run operations before, during and after the Grand Prix.


This year we face several challenges, among them is the Covid-19 situation. As you all know by now the 2020 Canadian Grand prix has been postponed; until when, is the question we are all asking. Unfortunately, that is still unknown at this time, you will be informed as soon as a date is set. Until that time, we have to continue our preparations in order to be ahead of the ball when the time comes and not have to rush last minute when the date is announced. I know you are all as passionate as I am, and I am confident we will succeed.


Thank you all for your dedication and I look forward to working with you.



Elise Racette

President, Automobile Club de l'Ile Notre-Dame

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