Message from the new race director / april 27, 2020

Message from the new race director

Hello everyone
It is with enthusiasm that I welcome our new President Elise Racette. This is a big step that
we have just taken. With her experience and her desire to get involved, Elise will be an asset to the
Club. The entire executive will be there to support her. Congratulations to Elise for her nomination
and I wish her success, because we must not forget that she is coming in a difficult context.
As you know, the Canadian GP has been postponed. There are several rumors about the
event being canceled or postponed. I will leave this point up to the people who will make this
decision, but I have a little hope ... for 2020. It will mean that we will have said goodbye to this
damn virus!
Now a quick update, François Rémillard had two positions within the club, that of Club
President AND Race Director. These 2 positions are completely different. With Elise's appointment
as President, we wanted to separate the 2 positions to maximize their performance. As President,
having no position in "race control" Élise will be able to deal with issues during the F1 weekend.
She will be available to attend to members and resolve general logistical issues. I'll spare you the
list of all the glitches that can happen during the weekend. She has her work cut out for her! It will
also allow more availability to collaborate with the Octane group to facilitate problem solving.
She will be occupied before, during and after the Grand Prix, all in the interest of the club.
For my part, as you know I have big shoes to fill due to the departure of François
Rémillard as race director (CLERK OF THE COURSE) at the GP of Canada. François was my
mentor in learning this function. I can assure you that I will undertake every effort to make this
event successful; both for F1 and for the support races.
If I make a comparison with hockey, I am the new coach and you, are the players. I could
not win without everyone's effort. I know the strengths of our people during Grand Prix weekend.
My success in this position will depend only on you. I will reap the pride of being able to lead a
great team.
I also wanted to mention that I had the privilege of going to Switzerland to participate in
a symposium / training as a race director and even that of a steward. I have learned a lot and I
hope to highlight the things I learned during this stay. I can assure you that for the FIA, the safety
of our volunteers is a priority.
Finally, I must say thank you for your support following my appointment but that without
you I will not be able to bring this big boat to port…
Bravo Elise once again
Bravo to the executive and Ann for holding the fort
A warm thank you to François Rémillard for all the work of the past years
And especially Bravo to you ACIND members, hoping to see you soon!
And as the Prime Minister would say, EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY! Don't give up, we'll get
through this!
Dany Fradette
F1 Volet Sportif

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